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My Month With ClassPass

05.30.14 | Comment?

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I’ve recently gotten back to the gym and started reincorporating fitness and health back into my life. I am a total sucker for a side of fries, but I gotta say, filling my life with clean food, green smoothies, and workouts has had amazing effects on how I feel (not to mention the changes in my skin!). I signed up for a membership at Crunch, but I also got to try a month with ClassPass during May and have become absolutely addicted.

ClassPass is a site that lets you take 10 classes a month for $99/month at some of the best boutique fitness studios throughout the city. (And from Memorial Day to Labor Day, they’re letting members take unlimited classes for the same fee, which I think is INSANE). It first caught my interest because most of these studios charge $30-$40 a class, so $99/month is a pretty great deal. There’s no Flywheel or Soul for those spinning addicts, but some really popular studios like Barry’s and PureBarre are available. Some of my favorite studios that I visited this past month include:

CityRow: A House Of Cards workout with a rowing machine and mat exercises. Definitely recommend any class with Shaun Jenkins, who is super tough but also gives you one of the best full body, cardio+strength workouts you could imagine.

Exhale: I took the barre classes, which totally kicked my butt in a great way. I’ve taken the yoga classes in the past, but actually preferred the barre classes—felt like they were really toning my body. I visited the UES location, which is BEAUTIFUL.

Uplift: An all womens studio where I took Sculpt Fusion, a yoga/pilates/weights/resistance bands class that also kicked my butt and left me way more sore than I expected.

New York Pilates: I’ve been dying to try a reformer class and one of my co-workers recommended this place. The studio is adorable—modern while still being welcoming and very Greenwich Village-y. They take a maximum of three people for each reformer class, so you get a lot of individualized attention. Now totally understand the obsession (felt my body getting longer & leaner!) and can’t wait to go back.


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