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Out on the Town

Greetings from San Francisco

09.12.14 | Comment?

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My trip to San Francisco last week was a fabulously refreshing way to end the summer. I stayed with my friend (also named Rebecca!) and her husband in their apartment in The Mission, a super chic neighborhood with the cutest independent boutiques, coolest bakeries, and BEST restaurants. My introduction to the area was dinner at a local Puerto Rican food pop-up restaurant—I cannot express how amazing my creamy shrimp and rice was. Shoutouts to Tartine, Bar Tartine, Arizmendi, and Cream for also making my trip super yummy. Needless to say, if I ever move to San Fran, I’m living in The Mission and going out for every meal. At night, I got to see a bit of the nightlife scene there. I met up with my friend Shawn, a graffiti artist who is currently creating murals for local startups and businesses. It’s great to see childhood friends so successful and happy in what they’re doing.
Union Street is pretty cool. We spent half a day brunching and shopping there. Then after walking to along the Marina for a bit, we decided to spend the rest of our day in Sausalito. Sausalito is just a ferry ride away from San Fran, and the ride itself offers breathtaking views of Bay Bridge and the skyline. Of course, it also helped that we prepared a feast of cheese, fresh figs, and flatbread from the Ferry Building for the journey. Those views look 50x better when you’re downing artisan blue cheese on a clear day with seventies temperatures and no humidity! Sausalito is a bit touristy, but we explored the untouched roads above the main street. The houses are beautiful with great views of the marina—here’s hoping I can afford a vacation home there and an apartment in San Francisco someday. BIG DREAMS. In the meantime, I’ll just have to come visit my friends every year and crash with them. But really… every year, please.
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