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N’Espresso, My Savior

10.30.10 | Comment?


I first got addicted to N’Espresso when I worked at Akris. It’s much easier than using a regular espresso machine, because they have premade capsules. No ground coffee, no filters, no trying to figure out when the shot is done. Just drop in the capsule, and you have the perfect shot of espresso.

Their milk frothers are also super convenient–they froth/heat your milk in 30 seconds. Genius.  Rebecca and I joke about how every fashion brand is addicted to N’Espresso makers (and Diptyque candles, but that’s another story). They’re seriously the best thing ever for a sleep-deprived fashion girl/guy who doesn’t want to spend $300 a month on Starbucks.

I recommend the Arpeggio: one of the strongest blends, with an amazing, slightly-chocolately aftertaste. So delicious!


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