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A Childhood Dream

06.24.11 | Comment?

Elle Fanning in Super 8.

There are two movies out this season that you absolutely must go see: Super 8 and The Tree of Life. They’re both stunning: Super 8 with its fantastic Spielberg whimsy and The Tree of Life with its long Malick nature shots. Don’t get me wrong, The Tree of Life was definitely not what I expected. No, I didn’t expect to see twenty minutes of volcanic eruptions, the beginning of life on Earth (complete with a baby dinosaur), or the twisting yellow light on black that resembled a screensaver. All of those things make the movie sound totally nuts, and yes, it most definitely is. But it was also incredibly powerful—the best on-camera representation of childhood I’ve ever seen. While The Tree of Life will bring tears to your eyes, screensaver or no screensaver, Super 8 will make you jump with excitement. It’s definitely Spielberg and Abrams at their best—young innocents, aliens, and an addictive narrative that ties them together.

Now let’s get down to it, the fashion. Elle Fanning is super fresh-faced and lovely in Super 8 wearing vintage clothes circa 1979. Think Boy by Band of Outsiders. I can just imagine myself perusing the racks at Barneys and attempting to replicate the look… a striped tee with super blue wide-leg boyfriend jeans, and a big cotton trench coat with big wooden buttons? Yes, please.

Jessica Chastain in The Tree of Life.

Skip back two decades to the 1950’s and experience the fantastically simple and feminine wardrobe of Jessica Chastain in The Tree of Life. These aren’t the average 50’s TV housewife dresses—they’re actually average, with subtle pastel colors and intricate diamond seams. I’ve made a couple of vintage Vogue patterns and I can safely say those diamond seams are killer! Throw on some minimal makeup, a pair of low dainty pumps, and put your hair in a bun—that may sound very grandma to you, but go see the film first—she’s nothing but gorgeous throughout!


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